Monday, September 24, 2007

the first time i had sex with someone from the internet

was in 1989. i was sixteen years old, and it was probably within a few days of getting my driver's license. that's how it works, when you're a boy. it was with this country girl i had been exchanging little messages with on my Apple IIE and dialup modem. she was using her dad's computer while he was at work. there was never any mention about a mother. it was the summer and she would be at home alone during the day. the idea of internet safety had not yet been invented because there was no internet to be safe about. safety was for shop class and swimming pools, not love. and get this. i hadn't even seen a picture, because there was no way to send pictures in those days. ok that's not true. you could mail pictures in the mail i guess. but whatever. i didn't have time for that. anyway she had measurements and that was enough in those days. so i drove about an hour to where she was supposed to live, which was literally out on some farm in the country. and by god she actually didn't look that bad. i remember she had short brown hair, turned out to be heavily bisexual, and listened to madonna. we rolled around on her carpet listening to "justify my love" and looked at pictures of her friends photo albums, of which she had several. ok so we didn't actually have sex. i admit. i think it was my idea not to. if so, that was stupid. she drove an old black studabaker, which is awesome. i don't remember her name.

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jake said...

I remember trying to make little Basic programs on my dad's Apple IIC. Not a IIC+, though. My friend had one of those. wow. And only wishing I could talk to a girl face to face, without sounding like a fool. The internet takes all that physical stuff out of the equation! One for technology.