Sunday, September 16, 2007

supermarket revisited

So yes, I went back to the same large supermarket as before and it was late so of course I had to use that stupid self-checkout computer (which by the way is the first sign of the apocalypse) when I made a horrible mistake. After I’d filled a couple of plastic bags worth of grocery items, I lifted them from the countertop into my shopping cart. I did this to make space. But the computer was none to pleased. I know now when it senses less weight on the countertop it thinks you must be finished. It wants you to pay. It doesn't want you to then start scanning more items. In fact, it gets very angry, when I did this. “You can do that all day and it won’t scan,” said the portly white guy as I stood there talking on my cell phone and swiping a tiny strawberry yogurt. And he was right. I guess about twenty swipes was his threshold for coming over there. Something else I've learned. Anyway, so I hoisted my bags back onto the countertop and commenced to scanning. The computer was happy. The apocalypse may now continue.


jake said...

I love the "20 swipes" threshold bit. Do you ever try the "alternate scan" style? Like after 3 or 4 normal swipes, you do one reeaalllyy slow, then the next angled sideways, etc.? Like it's going to somehow register with the laser? Lasers need a challenge every now and then, too, you know.

Cold Bacon said...

i haven't been back since.